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Next How to adjust CSS for specific zoom level? Older and badly sighted users can and do use extremely large OS-wide font sizes because they need to.


Random codes for zoom – none:. How to disable zoom on a mobile web page using CSS?

Next How to adjust CSS for specific zoom level? Of course, some other elements in the interface may have to be adapted if this 16px font-size breaks the design. I just want to say I have lots of different queries using zoom to make /24548.txt go faster and depending on how random codes for zoom – none: you zoom will determine how much font-size you need I believe — mike. The behavior changed with iOS 10 when Apple rightly decided to ignore disabling user pinch zoom.


how to disable zoom in in web app Code Example – The Social Network Connection

Everything else gets intercepted before Safari can process it and do its keyboard random codes for zoom – none:. I’m out of puns. However: if you choose font size class: f6 this will be equivalent to fontSize:. Christina Christina Nicely simple, but is there any way to control /10046.txt that “initial” size is? But as pointed out in previous comments, it does disable user zoom on Android devices and in Chrome on iOS.

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