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Sep 10,  · Click the Meetings menu button (usually located at the bottom of the Zoom window) Locate the scheduled or started/running meeting and click the (three dots) button. Select Edit from the dropdown menu. On the pop-up window, under the Audio section, select Telephone and Computer Audio. Click Save. Mar 03,  · Note: If you are subscribed to the call out add-on, you can join the meeting by having Zoom dial your phone number. Follow the instructions for dialing in: In the Country/Region drop-down menu, select the country or region you’re calling from. Call one of the numbers provided. Enter your meeting ID followed by #. Enter your participant ID followed by #. Sep 17,  · However, when I use the “Schedule” functionality, I do not see an option to include telephone dial in information. Further, when I start a “Scheduled” meeting, I get a notice that dial in audio is not available. I’m on a “Pro” account. For scheduled Zoom meetings (which I expect will typically be coordinated in advance as opposed to impromptu.


– How do i schedule a zoom meeting with dial in option – how do i schedule a zoom meeting with dial in

May 05,  · 1) Launch Zoom. Select “Schedule” to bring up the Schedule Meeting window. 2) These are the recommended settings when scheduling a meeting: Update the title of the meeting in the Topic box. Set Date & Time the meeting will occur. Let Meeting ID Generate Automatically. Make sure Require a meeting password is enabled. Oct 29,  · Step 1, Open the Zoom application on your PC or Mac. It’ll be in the Windows menu on a PC, and in the Applications folder on a Mac. If you’re not already signed in, you’ll be prompted to do so 2, Click the blue Schedule icon. It’s the calendar icon near the bottom-left corner of 3, Enter a topic for your meeting. In the Topic field, type a Views: 12K. Apr 11,  · How Do I Schedule A Zoom Meeting With A Dial In Number? Meetings can be found in the navigation menu. You will be directed to Schedule a personal audio conference by clicking the ellipses icon in the top-right corner. Click .


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