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Remote desktop window size settings

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Apr 02,  · Now, in the windowed RDP session, click the top-left corner and in the menu enable Smart sizing: You can now resize the RDP window and see smart sizing in action. Here’s a screenshot from my RDP session with about 10% . Mar 25,  · Smart Resizing of Remote Desktop Windows. Open Remote Desktop Connection. The way you do this depends on the operating system you use. Expand the displayed dialog by clicking Show Options. In the Connection settings group of settings, click Save As to create file that will store the Remote. Jul 21,  · According to below article, it introduced two resolution feature into the remote desktop client Windows. Change the size of the display: – When selecting a high static resolution for the session, you have the option to make items on the screen appear larger to improve readability. Note: This only applies when connecting to Windows or above.

Remote desktop window size settings.Smart Resizing of Remote Desktop Windows

May not be exactly what you want, but may help get more real estate. Create a free Team Why Teams?


On Windows Remote Desktop Clients – CmdrKeene’s Blog.


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