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Can i see history of zoom meetings – none:

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Feb 12,  · Hi all! Due to an organizational reason, I need to prove the number of meetings that I have attended in a Teams channel. Just like the call history, is there a way to see my meeting history in teams? As an additional information, all the meetings are scheduled meetings. Thanks in advance. When connect to the zoom meeting, the microphone line works fine, but there’s no sound on Line 2 (my electric piano) With the same setup, when recording a video using the camera app, both of the lines work, BUT the Microphone line only records to the left speaker, and Line 2 to the right speaker. So I’m guessing it’s an issue with a. Apr 11,  · Can I See History Of Zoom Meetings I Attended? The Zoom web portal can be accessed by logging in. Click Dashboard in the navigation panel. In the Meetings section, click top. The historical meeting data can be accessed by clicking Past Meetings (if desired). How Do I Find Zoom Meeting Attended?


Can i see history of zoom meetings – none:

You can view logs for all phone users in your account. Sign in to the Zoom web portal. In the navigation menu, click Phone System Management. Correct, you can only get info on meetings you were the host of, if the meeting was internal to your Zoom users, or if the meeting happened on.


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