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While the usual approach is to use your laptop webcam, the most crucial online meeting element is the audio quality. This is why looking up the best gear for Zoom meetings can pay off. You can improve the overall quality by investing in some basics here and there — a microphone and maybe a better camera. In this article, we will talk about video conferencing setups and splitting them into budget tiers:.

Most video conferencing software comes with some form of software background noise suppression. Be it Zoom, Google Meet , Discord, or any other voice-call-enabled application, most of them come with software noise suppression.

While this feature is useful, it can also be a drawback, sometimes resulting in poor audio quality. Most applications do allow the user to turn it off. If you have a reliable microphone that captures your voice crisply, you can turn off the noise suppression setting confidently. As a rule of thumb when it comes to audio, your whole sound quality can only be as good as your least performant device in the audio chain.

Using headphones is a must when it comes to video conferencing. Because your microphone — be it external or the laptop microphone — can pick up the sound from your speakers, so your interlocutors can hear themselves through your microphone with a delay. Well, it does. Most reasonably-priced webcams are bad, and most decent webcams are expensive. They can improve the overall experience and can be useful under certain circumstances.

The biggest gain would be a proper camera placement in this particular context, but that comes at the cost of the desk or floor space. The main thing you should keep in mind is that the end-to-end quality of the audio and video is mostly unpredictable. The internet connection speed on both ends and the compression that the application applies to your video and audio plays a role. This is mostly about home setups. If you are a gamer by any chance, you might have a gaming headset with an incorporated microphone lying around.

Plugging those into your laptop will result in much better audio quality than what you can achieve with the internal laptop microphone. If you use a laptop, the chances are that it already comes with a good-enough, albeit not great, webcam. What most people do have is a smartphone with a more than capable camera. There are a bunch of great webcam applications for both Android and iOS. My personal favorite is iVCam.

Camo is also a great iOS-only for now solution. Smartphone cameras these days are phenomenal, and using the rear camera as a webcam will bump up the video quality by a lot. While you can balance your phone on a pile of books, a tripod would be nice to have. Talking about ring lights, a huge factor when it comes to good video quality is light. Natural light is hands-down the best kind of light you can use except in the evening or at night.

Moving closer to a window would be the easiest way to fix your lack-of-light problem. However, if you are working from a windowless bunker or mostly attend Zoom meetings at night, you might want to find a reliable artificial light source. The only thing you have to be careful about when it comes to light is just not making yourself look like a ghost.

If the light is too powerful, try dimming it down or moving it away from your face. If the shadows are too harsh, you can always use a paper tissue to diffuse the light. You can use clothespins to attach the tissue to your light source. The tricky part is making sure the light shines straight from in front of you.

This yields even lighting and makes sure you look your best. A dedicated microphone will most certainly up your level in the audio game. As the name tells, this one can be connected through USB, so no other fancy wiring is needed. It is a great option as it has a 3. Here you can plug in your headphones and use them as an output device while simultaneously monitoring your own voice. It has similar features while also boasting a gain fader, so you can easily adjust the input volume, a mute button, and a pattern switcher.

In the past year, webcam prices have skyrocketed because of the pandemic. The ones that can deliver better quality than a modern smartphone come at a steep price. I would still recommend using a smartphone if you have one lying around. Your best bet to improve video quality here would be using an actual camera if you already own one. It might take a little research to find out if your camera can be used as a webcam.

Here are two great options you might stumble across on Amazon:. UBeesize Ring Light with Tripod — Comes on a tripod where you can mount almost any type of capture device. This one too has adjustable brightness and temperature. It has an adjustable height of up to 67 inches or 1. It has adjustable brightness and temperature and is easy to carry around.

This tier makes sense if you want to do something else with your best gear for Zoom meetings like recording a podcast , shooting YouTube videos , or live streaming on Twitch. Are you going to record yourself singing, playing an instrument, or are you going to start a podcast with your friends?

I personally use the M-Audio Air All these devices are capable of some great audio quality and fall into the more specialized tools category. Depending on what you will do other than video conferencing, you might want to consider investing in a mirrorless camera capable of recording video.

Beware that this brings with itself another investment in lenses. The thing is, lighting setups can be tricky territory and get complex really fast, but you can never go wrong with softboxes.

Again, it depends on what you are going to film. But even if you disregard the price, they do take up space in your home office. As long as you make sure that you really need something, you should definitely go for it. Maybe adding some things that you have around the house might be enough for you, or maybe you might host the next big podcast, and Zoom meetings are just a stepping stone for you.

Regardless, before you let the spaghetti cable monster inside your house, you should consider your needs thoroughly. Do you have your setup already in place? Feel free to let us know in the comments. Or start the conversation in our Facebook group for WordPress professionals. Find answers, share tips, and get help from other WordPress experts. Looking for some free blog sites to help you start sharing your writing with the world? So, you want to create a WordPress blog.

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And once you Themeisle content is free. When you purchase through referral links on our site, we earn a commission. Learn More. But first, some things to consider before we start talking about best gear for Zoom meetings:.

What is the best gear for Zoom meetings? Click To Tweet. Otherwise, you almost certainly have a pair of smartphone headphones with a microphone. What’s the best budget-friendly gear for Zoom meetings? Download free guide. By Andrei Themeisle Contributor 1 Posts.

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What equipment do i need to attend a zoom meeting. What Equipment Do I Need To Use Zoom?


Video conferencing equipment tools are collaborative tools for organising virtual meetings and conferences in real time. Video conferencing gear is meant for a superior audio and video quality experience to make remote conferences productive as well as engaging. Video conferencing equipment is an audio and video enabling device, which helps businesses conduct remote video meeting sessions and conference calls.

Video conferencing devices help with screen sharing, whiteboarding, call analytics, recording, transcribing, wireless projection. You can conduct meetings and webinars with the use of best video conferencing equipment tools like speakerphones, cameras, microphones and more.

When most of the people are working from home currently, there has been a huge increase in the use of through remote conferencing solutions and video teleconference systems for connecting with employees and customers.

You can brainstorm with your team members to enhance productivity at work and ensure complete participation by each team member through best video conference cameras, speakers, microphones and other equipment for large rooms and small ones.

The core features of any video conferencing equipment for home are:. Screen sharing is the most important part of using video teleconference equipment. The entire team needs to see the content and information that is being shared on the screen display.

Voice Over Internet Protocol offers a complete package that lets users shift easily with click of one single button from voice calls to video calls and group meetings. The best video conferencing system with the mouse and keyboard functionality can help with editing and sharing documents, all in real-time.

Most of video conferencing devices offer support for unlimited call recordings so that the same can be accessed anytime over cloud storage. The same applies for sharing the recorded information with other team members.

When using video conferencing device and tools, you can add logos, background and other branding features to showcase your brand in the market. Such processes would otherwise become tedious if done manually. With auto-framing, it is possible to view everyone in the meeting and adjust the settings accordingly.

In a room full of people, speaker tracking with its advanced microphone array captures the person speaking and zooms immediately. This saves the possibility of confusion of any kind for other listeners present during the virtual meet. Check out the best video conferencing software. Cisco Webex Calling is one of the best video conferencing equipments offering cloud calling and team collaboration services to businesses big and small. The multi-tenant cloud based model has advanced PBX features for superior calling collaboration support for both mobile and desktop devices.

It provides a portfolio of integrated devices, cloud calling and customer care. You can manage all the team calls and meetings with Cisco Webex video conferencing equipment for home and office. Security of all investments in unified communications manager license available in Cisco Webex video conference gear.

This video conferencing hardware ensures a hassle-free migration from on premises deployment to cloud. You can annotate, share or run whiteboard tutorials easily through this video conferencing hardware. Intuitive plugscreen with advanced touch screen support. All you need is a USB wideband audio headset.

Plug and play capabilities along with an intuitive user interface make Poly Calisto Speakerphone Series an ideal audio-visual equipment for conferences. You can manage calls from multiple devices whether a PC, mobile or a tablet and merge multiple calls with high quality audio services. Ideal for those using mobile devices. You can manage calls in any setting by using the video conferencing system noise reduction features.

With support available in around sixteen languages, the Poly conferencing equipment is configurable by Plantronics Hubs Software. During the calls involving multiple people in a room set up, Poly Calisto easily picks up sounds from a distance as far as one meter easily. More details are available on Techjockey. Further, you can customise the feature and language settings on Poly Voyager Bluetooth headset to suit your work requirements.

Video conferencing devices are compatible with voice platforms such as Microsoft Teams, Skype, Zoom and Avaya. The microphone support within this audio visual equipment for conferences is omnidirectional so that background noises can be eliminated easily. Please connect with us for updates regarding pricing plans. Poly EagleEye Camera helps keep everyone in the loop during team meetings and group conversations with superior internal microphones technology for clear sound. Poly EagleEye is one of the best video conference cameras for large rooms where every attendee can be clearly viewed and engaged.

Single cable connection for all kinds of connections, thus removing the hassle of complicated cabling. Please connect with us for more details. Zoom Rooms is one of the best video conferencing equipments for booking and starting meetings as well as sharing the content. For more information, please forward to us a callback request.

You can create presentations, share the knowledge base and engage the workforce with teleconference system for diligent working practices. Full duplex audio with echo canceller available along with Panasonic KX-VC video conferencing installation process for noise reduction. PTZ camera control for both remote and local cameras with Panasonic video conferencing equipment for office. Integrate Panasonic KX-VC video conferencing system easily with other video conferencing environments.

Record and schedule meetings for remote communication between members of your team with ezTalks Room. File sharing, screen sharing and whiteboard sharing, undertake all such activities through this video conferencing hardware. This teleconferencing system is your go-to video conferencing solution to collaborate with your team with its superior audio sounds and video quality. Calendar integration attached to ezTalks video conferencing platforms for hosting meetings and sending email invitations.

Three paid plans- Standard, Pro and Business also available. GoToRoom is ideal for arranging and managing small group sessions at your workplace. With application sharing feature of GoToRoom video conferencing device, you can easily share a part or the whole of your screen.

Achieve great results and improve productivity by looping in every member of your team through this best video conference equipment for small business.

Suggested Read: Jio Meet vs Zoom. Avaya XT is a video conferencing system supporting HD content quality at about sixty frames per second for both parallel channels and videos. The conference room conferencing solution is suitable for large conference rooms. Supports SVC scalable video codecs for the best video quality in even poor networks. It has a PTZ camera with wide viewing angle that supports multi-party calling is a plus. The video conferencing solution can be integrated with Avaya IP office for controlling business costs and improving productivity.

Lifesize Icon is used for superior video communication and building high-powered conference meeting rooms with ease. The teleconferencing hardware offers content sharing in ultra-high-definition mode along with powerful zoom and superior sound. The video conferencing equipment is the best when it comes to undertaking secured and reliable collaboration and communication.

The platform is ideal for hosting or joining meetings on any cloud video conference apps. PTZOptics is a customizable video conference equipment providing flexible options to conduct meeting with high quality audio. The teleconferencing equipment supports network streaming with USB 3.

Room based conference systems use a standard based protocol for organising video conferences. These systems are already fixed, installed and configured in a room or meeting space.

Unlike video conferencing equipments that only require an equipment installed on a computing device and which can be operated through plug and play connectivity. Video conferencing equipments in India or as used abroad are portable in nature. With plug and play connectivity, virtual meetings are organised and teleconferences are planned.

Collaboration becomes easy with the use of such video conferencing hardware equipments as speakers, cameras, remote control, microphone and monitor screen. Aside from a computer, you would require accessories such as webcam, microphone, headset, display device, an internet connection and of course, video conferencing equipment for setting up your home office for video conferencing. Fit these accessories to their respective instruments or devices to arrange video conferences from home.

Microsoft Teams. Cisco Webex. BlueJeans Room. Audio Conferencing in Office Bluejeans Network. Beetel Cloudway. Campusdean Virtual Classroom. Skip to content Home. What is the difference between room systems and video conferencing equipment? How to set up video meetings with video conferencing equipment? Which are the best video conferencing equipment companies in India?

How to set up your home office for video conferencing? Recommended Products. Read Microsoft Teams Reviews. Show Price Get Free Demo. Read Cisco Webex Reviews. Read BlueJeans Room Reviews. Read GoToMeeting Reviews. Read Audio Conferencing in Office Reviews. Read Lifesize Reviews. Read Bluejeans Network Reviews.


Recommended Hardware for Conference Rooms, VoIP, and Meetings


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