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Can you download and use Zoom with Window 10 S mode? – Microsoft Community.How to Fix the Microphone on an HP Laptop

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Joined Oct 26, Messages 2, Reaction score I am old too 60years and every day tasks getting done slower, not significantly but I noticed that time starts to run away from me. That does not mean I am not open for new things. Regarding computer: You simply have to try what your system is capable of. My laptop that I am writing this with was originally purchased with Windows XP, however it runs on Windows 10 as fast as one can expect it.

For my daily routine it is still fast enough. Although I am stuck at Version with this one due to hardware support issues, it does what I want it to do. I even can Skype on it fairly fluently and since Zoom is basically not that much different I think – never tried it you might want to take a chance and try it.

If you don’t like it, delete it again and forget about it The decision is yours to make.. Bighorn said:. I wouldn’t have a problem conversing wearing curlers IF I had any hair left. There is no problem using old for an excuse, every thing gets that way, usually sooner than we want. I use it in a more positive way, just say that at least I can still do something albeit somewhat slower. Joined Sep 5, Messages 74 Reaction score Joined Jun 2, Messages 83 Reaction score And have used for quite a few years Discord..

It’s light on system resources. UNLESS, of course, it happens to be required by your employer or educational institution, then, that’s a different story altogether. I’m just a user like everyone else and recommending different services to people. Joined Nov 19, Messages 6, Reaction score 1, I sm a fairly happy user of zoom. I began with Skype, but the requiirement that sll users needed to have MS accounts, Does that still apply?

Quite a significant difference! Last edited: Jun 4, It may have happened when Microsoft bought Skype? No idea as I no longer use it. Problem is, if I tried and liked your suggestion, I have to convince my contacts — mostly family – to change. Currently none of us are suffering from lack of resources, all even with fairly old gear Just downloaded Discord, whilst we have been chatting. Not too happy with them wanting my password with the email – none of their concern! First screen said I needed to register with email and password.

I dont think i am ready to swish around with changing passwords etc, just fot that. Joined Mar 25, Messages 4 Reaction score 0. Yes, you should be able to run Zoom – on that setup. As noted above, you want to get the Zoom desktop app, which allows you click a zoom link, which opens the browser, prompts you to open Zoom, then close the browser and continue with Zoom only, which lets you get acceptable performance from a marginal system.

Last edited: Jun 9, Joined May 4, Messages 13 Reaction score 4. I am using a 5 year old laptop, Dell Inspiron with Win 10 Pro, to participate in these online events, as a result of corona virus shutdowns.

I am 87 years old and not a genius in computer use, but I have no problem in using this new to me technology. The only things that I must remember to do when getting ready for a presentation is to turn on the mike, video, and sound features on the laptop, then sit back and enjoy! The software you are using might also have a mute button. Make sure the mute feature isn’t enabled. Restart your Windows computer. It’s incredible how much a simple restart can fix on your computer.

If you’re having trouble connecting a microphone, try restarting the computer and then start again with the microphone. Disable other Bluetooth devices if you’re using a wireless microphone. Like you have to turn Bluetooth on for wireless devices , if you’re using multiple Bluetooth devices with your HP laptop, you may have to disable those devices before connecting a different wireless microphone to your computer.

Try making sure no other Bluetooth devices are connected, then reconnect the wireless microphone. Check your Windows sound settings. Sometimes, Windows selects the wrong microphone as default.

It’s especially true if you sometimes use an external mic instead of the laptop’s built-in mic. Make sure the mic you are currently using is the default.

Use the HP Support Assistant to check your audio. HP provides a Support Assistant to help you determine if there is a problem with the microphone on your computer or with an external microphone. To use it:. Check the device manager. Then expand the Audio inputs and outputs section and select your mic.

There should be no yellow or red checkmarks in the Device Status section or other indications that the microphone isn’t connected. If there is, unplug the microphone and plug it back in again to see if it fixes the problem. Update your device drivers. An out-of-date device driver could cause your microphone not to connect. Update the drivers and then try again.

Update Windows. I use Zoom because it supposed to be the most reliable platform I am constantly being kicked off during meetings, it can be rather annoying. I thought it was my computer but I changed computer and had the same issue. These technical need to be dealt with I would’ve been a 5 star review but lately Bluetooth devices only work if I connect them before joining the meeting. Even when I do that there are a number of bugs that can cause the meeting to stop playing through the Bluetooth device.

This is very frustrating. It is not always practical to leave and rejoin a meeting, just to get the app to cooperate with my Bluetooth audio devices. This is very basic functionality and it astounds me that a company such as zoom is incapable of fixing it.



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Skip to main content. Download Center. Zoom Client for Meetings The web browser client will download automatically when you start or join your first Zoom meeting, and is also available for manual download here. Zoom Plugin for Microsoft Outlook The Zoom Plugin for Outlook installs a button on the Microsoft Outlook tool bar to enable you to start or schedule a meeting with one-click.

View tutorial for more information. Zoom Extension for Browsers The Zoom Extension for Browsers allows you to start or schedule your Zoom meeting with a single click from your browser or within Google calendar. Currently available for Chrome and Firefox. Zoom Mobile Apps Start, join and schedule meetings; send group text, images and push-to-talk messages on mobile devices. Download in. Zoom Rooms for Conference Rooms and Touchscreen Displays Install the Zoom Rooms Win application to setup your conference room for one-touch meeting and calendar integration.

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