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For fullscreen options check this. You can also auto-import settings from file on the app start, look at Deployment chapter for details. When updating installation from APK to Google Play or the other way the old app may need to be un-installed first. Starting Fully Kiosk Browser 1. If you really need to apply this settings file to an older app version please import the JSON file as a configuration in Fully Cloud first and then apply the configuration from Fully Cloud to the devices.

This menu feature creates a link to the currently open web page on the Android Home screen. The title of web page is taken as link title. Fully Kiosk tries to find the best available favicon to use as link icon for the current URL.

You can put several links to various websites on the Home screen. Using Universal Launcher in Fully Kiosk you can select apps, websites and file links to add to the launcher page. You can seamlessly mix all types of shortcuts on the Universal Launcher. The apps started by the launcher will be whitelisted in Kiosk Mode automatically. Usually you also want to disable the home button, the access to Android settings and other apps. You can easily turn the Kiosk Mode on or off in the Fully Kiosk settings.

Then leave the settings and follow instructions in order to activate or deactivate the Kiosk Mode. Before the first start in Kiosk Mode some additional permissions are requested and should be granted.

For this reason changing the Kiosk Mode from Remote Admin or by remote import of a settings file is intentionally disabled. You can however enable the Kiosk Mode by auto-importing the settings file as described in our deployment guide. Enabling the Kiosk Mode without any user interaction is only possible by device provisioning. The system bars, the camera, the power button and the volume buttons can also be blocked in Kiosk Mode.

However a very long press on the power button will still cause the most devices to switch off. Android 12 currently has some limitations that open gaps in the Kiosk Mode protection without device provisioning or other means. Read this FAQ. Some moderate hacks are necessary to establish the Kiosk Mode in Android.

Therefore, some devices or Android versions may fail with it. We recommend all users who need to use the Android Kiosk Mode to test it thoroughly including rebooting device in Kiosk mode, entering PIN and switching Kiosk Mode completely off before deploying to production.

The restrictions for other apps apply while the Wifi or other Android settings are in foreground. On some devices after opening Wifi Settings users can change to other Android settings and escape from Kiosk Mode. Starting ver. Settings in the App Blacklist option. Fully Kiosk can also lockdown other apps in Kiosk Mode. Read this FAQ for details and restrictions. If you make device provisioning recommended! The visual motion detection uses the front camera of the device.

This feature is experimental. Some devices are known for their cameras do not start or stop after some time or become too hot when running. Motion detection will cause a high battery consumtion as the cam must be running permanently.

The detection works pretty good with the Detector Sensitivity setting at if there is enough light. With the Show Preview Cam option you will get a small cam preview in the lower right corner, so you can test the cam coverage. Keep calm and enable everything. The acoustic motion detection uses the microphone of the device and can work even in complete darkness very efficiently.

Try around and set the appropriate sensitivity. When motion is detected the screen can switched on. You can specify on Device Management section with Screen Off Timer setting in seconds how fast the screen has to be off again. Device Admin permission must be enabled for Fully in order to turn screen off. This has nothing to do with Android root privileges. Root access is not required for Fully unless you want to use the Root Features.

Before the Fully app can be uninstalled, device admin permission must be disabled. When motion is detected the screensaver can be stopped. Check the Screensaver Settings in Fully Kiosk to enable the screensaver. You can manage your Fully Kiosk app remotely on devices in your local network or worldwide using VPN. First create a root certificate for signing other CAs using a script like this:. Now create a domain certificate fully-remote-admin-ca.

Each device must be addressed in your local network by a hostname like device Now copy fully-remote-admin-ca. This setup works at least with current Google Chrome on Windows 10 without any warnings. Using other clients may need a slightly different SSL setup. With Fully Cloud you can organize, monitor and remote configure your Fully Kiosk devices from everywhere even if your devices are in a local network behind NAT. Fully Kiosk does not change anything in your network, no port forwarding or VPN is needed.

Check the Cloud HowTos for more info. The trial month starts for each device by adding this device to Fully Cloud. The subscription is max. Make a free account and use the fee calculator in Fully Cloud on the Subscriptions menu. The subscription fee is paid by PayPal subscription with 3 or 12 months period. You can cancel your cloud subscription anytime in your PayPal account. The subscription will remain active all the time paid and no fees will be refunded.

You can however add another subscription anytime. Consider adding some spare devices as every additional device on the subscription makes the price per device cheaper. There is however no refund for unused spare devices or unused trial time.

Please test everything with your devices prior to starting a subscription. In order to maintain security of our cloud systems we stopped supporting Android 4.

Starting Android 4. The JavaScript interface allows the website integration with device and Fully features. Enable this option only if you trust all websites loaded use URL Whitelist! This option is potentially insecure as any website can read ALL your local files, change the device settings etc.

With Fully Kiosk Browser 1. In Fully Kiosk Browser 1. With Fully Exam Kiosk you can lockdown the device to the exam website.

Fully Exam Kiosk app supports Android 5. You have to get an FEK file or link from your teacher and open it in the app. On the first start please grant requested runtime permissions in order to lock the exam in the safe kiosk mode. Otherwise your students will just open that URL in another browser without any restrictions. A teacher can configure an exam here and give a permalink URL or. Students just open the. When asked the show on top and usage data access permissions must be granted in order to provide a safe kiosk mode.

Note that many browser features like tabs, popups, file uploads, cam and microphone access, opening other files and starting apps are intentionally disabled in the exam browser window.

Tell us if you want to use some of those features. As our contribution towards fighting against the COVID pandemic using Fully Exam Kiosk is completely free of any charges at least until end of Are you missing any features? Your feedback is welcome! Fully Video Kiosk is our separate app for playing videos and image slideshows on Android devices with full kiosk mode protection.

There are additional JavaScript interface functions to control the player which can be used in the wallpaper or playlist sites:. The default settings file is called fully-video-settings. You can use fully-video-auto-settings. Fully Single App Kiosk is our separate app for locking down the device to one selected app.

Everything else will be blocked. Fully Single App Kiosk is very easy to configure. Just select an app, set a Kiosk PIN, ready! If you type very fast in another app this could also be detected as 7 fast taps.

For deployment , device provisioning and Fire OS devices please use the single app mode in our Fully Kiosk Browser app. Please test all needed Fully Kiosk features with your content and your devices before ordering a license.

The price on Google Play can be slightly different. The single license is bound to your device ID and activated immediately when the payment is completed. There is no license key. Internet connection is required on your Android device.

If you need you can move your single licence to another device later here:. You can pay by credit card using Stripe. The key will be sent automatically to your email address once the payment is completed. Check our manual for the fast deployment process. Get the volume license quote and order here:.

You can un-register the device from the Volume License by removing the volume key from Other Settings. Once activated the device may keep offline for indefinite time without loosing the license. If your devices may not connect to Internet for some reasons at all you can use the Offline Licensing. We stopped supporting Android 4.

Please migrate to newer devices. Device provisioning is the fastest way to setup devices with Fully Kiosk and to provide an even better kiosk protection. Fully Kiosk supports all available methods of Android device provisioning.

Once configured you can setup new devices with almost no manual effort. Note that the most provisioning methods require factory new or factory resetted devices. This configurator offers only few provisioning options. You can apply all app settings , use enterprises , add device to the cloud and more if you use provisioning profiles in your free Fully Cloud account.

The provisioned device has a number of additional Device Owner Settings for a better kiosk mode protection available like disable USB, ADB, status bar, screen capture, safe mode etc.

The most but not all device types support device provisioning. Ask your device vendor if you are not sure. Device provisioning for Android 12 devices is supported starting Fully Kiosk Browser 1. Please keep at least one device of each type as reference and for testing and attend to this FAQ about recommended settings for making your kiosk mode secure. Ask us if you need any support with device provisioning for Fully Kiosk. This however requires your devices to be connected to the Internet, to have access and to use the Google services.

You also have to accept the Google Managed Play agreement and data processing and security terms. Create a new Enterprise in the Enterprise menu on Fully Cloud. A Google account is required for this step. You can approve apps for your enterprise in Google Play for Work and then configure apps to be auto-installed, set default permissions and managed configurations if your app supports in Fully Cloud look for Manage Apps button on the Enterprise entry.

You can also manage apps and set the auto-update policy for each device individually, look for Manage Apps button on the device entry. The only way to add device to the Enterprise is by making device provisioning. You can select the Enterprise when creating a provisioning profile in Fully Cloud. Note that only our Fully Kiosk Browser app supports Enterprises. This edition brings a Read Storage Permission dialog on the first app start.

This is needed to auto-import the settings. Usually you have to change only very few options. Just to give you some ideas for the most common scenarios:. Please also check the recommended settings for unattended devices for the best kiosk mode protection. Fully Kiosk uses Android Webview Chromium based provided by Android on your device for any website loading, caching, rendering and scripting incl.

If something is wrong with your website please follow these topics:. The websites could run into some issues if the installed Webview is not up to date. With Android 4. There are different serious issues known resulting of these outdated web engines. Yes, other major browsers like Chrome, Firefox or Opera can bring their own web engines and show better results with those old devices.

Fully Kiosk completely stopped supporting Android 4. There are however no differences known between Webviews provided by those two apps if on the same version. Do not compare to other browsers Firefox, Dolphin, Opera etc.

Those web engines may work significantly different in some details. If your website is running ok in Google Chome but not in Fully Kiosk Browser web developers can enable Webview Content Debugging in Advanced Web Settings and use the remote debugging with Chrome DevTools in order to see what happens behind the scenes and where the different behavior comes from.

If something like popups, form data saving, geolocation, alert boxes etc. In very rare cases you can improve the rendering by selecting another Graphics Acceleration mode in Advanced Web Settings. Please also check the known issues. The integrated Webview has another app ID com. There has also been a discussion at Chromium with backgrounds why is it done like this.

Please ask you device vendor for a Webview update. Please check this page and ask your device vendor if your device will be upgraded to Android 12 and if there is a way to prevent the update. Check this article for other ways to disable the OTA updates. If there is a risk that your device will upgrade or auto-upgrade to Android 12 please follow the recommendations below. Please update to the latest app versions.

However there is an additional step in the provisioning process for Android 12 devices. Follow the instructions. For security means Google obviously decided to disallow using the Google Account also in Android Webview that is used by Fully Kiosk and many other apps.

Depending on something OS, version, network or location? The official solution should allow less secure apps to login as described here. However no idea how long this can work. If Google really decides to block all logins in Android Webview there will be no workaround anymore. This is unfortunately something out of our control. For more information please read the discussion on this topic at Chromium Bugtracker.

The only known workaround is using the video proxy. You can try changing the Mixed Content Mode option as workaround. Check this FAQ for alternatives. You can use the file picker in URL dialog boxes to pick the file from storage. You can also select a file on external SD card. This is the way to make a light local content management. Use with care as all existing files will be overwritten when unpacking the same file names from the ZIP file. When using this feature from Fully Cloud you can load ZIP file to many devices with only one click mass admin.

You can set the File Load Timeframe in Cloud Settings in order to randomize the file loading across devices within the specified timeframe next x seconds. Zero size files will be not extracted but deleted from device. Starting version 1. Sample ZIP file is here. You can see the results of long running download commands in Fully Log on the Remote Admin. We recommend enabling the maintenance mode during changing content files on the devices.

Of cause you can also use some other file sync app to sync local files with remote storage. Starting Fully Kiosk Browser ver. If you install APK files from our website the scoped storage restrictions will be not active.

Otherwise you can add your favorite websites to the Universal Launcher and use it as your bookmark page. You can even seamlessly mix apps, websites and file shortcuts on the launcher. The URLs will be opened on separate tabs. You can enable visible tab flaps and set colors in Toolbars and Appearance settings.

In Web Browsing Settings you can also enable Swipe to Change Tabs to be able to change between tabs by swiping left or right. You can still use the usual JavaScript methods window. Configure the Screensaver Playlist in Screensaver settings. You can add media files, folders, URLs to media files or websites. Look in each item configuration for the Play next item after… option, otherwise it may be shown forever.

Now set the Screensaver Timer in order to start the screensaver after some time of user inactivity. You can use display dimming instead of screen off by setting the Screensaver Timer to the delay in seconds and Screensaver Brightness to 0. The real dimming level is depending on the device.

You can then wake up by tapping the screen. Many new devices can be woken up by tap or double tap. Check the Android Settings for this option. For security reasons you cannot change the Remote Admin Password by importing a setting file via Remote Admin.

This topic can be confusing sometimes. You can try all features of the Fully Kiosk app and cloud for one month for free. Just install the app from our website and register for the free Fully Cloud account. Also please check your SPAM folder.

Please use an invoice link in that email to get your invoice. Depending on Fully settings the Exit Gesture can be one of following:. Then restart the device in order to auto-import the settings file. If you have not enabled the Lock Safe Mode option in Fully Kiosk Mode settings, by Device Owner Settings or by KNOX Settings, you can boot into safe mode ask your vendor for instructions with your device, usually you have to press some buttons during the boot and uninstall Fully Kiosk. If you get the PIN dialog triggered accidentally when you are tapping fast 7 times or typing in another app you can choose one of these solutions.

Try carefully! This will disable the PIN dialog by 7 fast taps. You will only be able to exit from single app mode by the Remote Admin Unlock Kiosk button. Remote Admin must be activated in order this option to have effect. Detect fast taps only within first X ms after screen on. So you have to switch the screen off and on before tapping. The Android Webview can crash after some time due to high website complexity and resource usage what we unfortunately are unable to catch. How do I narrate a movie with Windows Movie Maker?

Click on the Start Narration button and start speaking into the microphone. Enter a name for the audio file and choose a save location, then click on Save. The narration will be added to the timeline as an audio clip. Do I need to edit out a YouTube video to prevent issues with copyrighted content?

No, so long as the recording is hosted on the Re:View platform and only accessible behind the University of Bath single-sign on, to students on the relevant, or a related course of study then it may be considered a digital extension of the classroom.

Therefore, there should be no need to remove such content as it will likely qualify under the educational exceptions to copyright so long as so long as it sufficiently attributed, the amount used is reasonable and proportionate, being used for illustration and instruction, for the purpose of teaching.

It is possible to embed a YouTube video directly into a Panopto recording during the editing process. You may wish to do this to make the video clearer or allow users to use the YouTube controls such as pause and rewind.

If YouTube content has been recorded in and does not display correctly e. Click Apply when you have finished editing to save the changes. When watching the video the viewers will see the YouTube video listed in the contents pane.

For detailed instructions visit the Panopto help pages. Further copyright guidance can be found here. How to add captions. Update The captions make take some time to generate depending on the size of your file. The video below demonstrates how to edit the automatic captions. This video demonstrates how to add manual and automatic captions to a recording in Re:View. This applies to content uploaded prior to September that you wish to produce captions for. You must be in the video editor to add captions to a recording.

When you are editing the recording, it is possible to type captions to aid viewers either caption-by-caption or by importing a file. This would help clarify any statements that were not picked up clearly on the recording e. It is possible to turn on automatic transcriptions in your recordings to make it easier for students to find keywords during playback. You must turn this on during the editing process.

Contact them via their Helpdesk. How do I rename a recording? First login to the Re:View portal. Within the Overview tab, click Edit next to Name:. Type in new name and click Save. If you want to discard the changes, click Cancel. How do I insert a section of video from one recording to another? This video demonstrates how to insert a section from another video using the clip function in Re:View. How do I save an audio copy of my own recording? Visit the Panopto support pages for detailed step-by-step instructions.

How do I delete a recording? Within the folders section in the left-hand side sidebar, navigate to the folder that contains the sessions you wish to remove. A list of sessions within the folder are displayed. To delete a session, hover over the session name and icons will appear.

How do I restore a recording that has been deleted by mistake? Recordings can be restored within 90 days of the date that they were deleted. If you deleted the recording then you can restore it yourself by following the instructions below. If somebody else deleted your recording, then they can restore it by following the instructions or you can contact tel bath. First log into Re:View with your University credentials. The recording will no longer appear in your recycle bin and will be restored to the folder in which it was deleted from.

The Re:View Recorder on smartphone or tablet. The Panopto app enables you to record directly from your tablet or smartphone. Panopto have recently released a new version of their app which provides the user with a similar experience on both android and iOS devices.

There is a 10 minute limit on recordings and uploads using the app. Panopto have comprehensive guidance on their help page about how to use the Panopto app Where do I get the app from? The Panopto app is free to download from iOS and Android for mobile devices such as phones and tablets. Download the app and log in with your University of Bath username and password to both access and upload content.

What are the benefits of using the app? Additionally, the app allows you to upload content directly from your mobile device. For example, you may want to screen record using a stylus or directly after a teaching session to address misconceptions from the session.

How does the Panopto desktop recorder compare to Panopto Capture? You may not wish to or be able to install the Panopto software on the computer you are using. Below is a list of the main features of the Panopto desktop recorder and Panopto Capture. How do I record directly in a browser using Panopto capture? It is possible to record a video, audio and other screens such as one showing a PowerPoint presentation directly into Re:View using Panopto capture.

Panopto capture is a browser-based recording system within the Panopto system. Note: 1. Panopto capture is not currently supported in the Safari browser. It is possible to create audio-only recordings by turning the webcam off before recording. Log into Re:View and navigate to the folder you wish to record in in this scenario I am recording to My Folder. Once the recording has processed you can view a final screen with further options such as editing the video name, folder location and redo recording.

Managing recordings How do I upload my own video clips into Re:View? First Login to the Re:View Portal. In the pop-up window that appears, drag and drop the video files you want to be uploaded to the import area:.

Can I record in Microsoft Teams for learning and teaching purposes? Microsoft have recently changed the permissions for recorded meetings in Microsoft Teams.

Further guidance from Microsoft. If recordings are kept on Re:View then they can be managed by Computing Services staff at the University in line with this policy.

If they are kept on other platforms then it is difficult to manage these recordings, especially if a staff member leaves and their account is deactivated. Therefore Re:View is the recommended platform for recorded content.

How do I download a recording? This video demonstrates how to download a copy of a recording from Re:View. How do I share a recording? You are able to share individual recordings within the University by inviting others to view them. Note: Sharing a recording does NOT allow the person you shared it with to edit or download the recording.

They will only be able to edit or download a recording if you share the folder the recording resides in and give them creator permissions on the folder. Type the name, username or email address of a University of Bath staff member or student to email them a shared permission link. Similarly, it is possible to share a folder or recording with an entire unit of students by typing in the name of the Moodle page for that unit. Generally the Moodle unit page names use the following convention for the current cohort of students:.

How do I share a folder? You are able to share folder permissions within the University by inviting others to view them, create and publish within them. If you want other people to edit a recording you have created, you must share the whole folder with them rather than an individual recording.

You can share any folder you have creator permissions on except your parent My Folder although you can create a sub-folder in My folder and share that. How you share a folder depends if the folder is a Parent folder , or a Sub-folder. An example of a Parent folder is your My Folder or a Moodle linked folder.

A Sub-folder are the folders that sit within a Parent folder. The picture below shows a Parent folder with Sub-folders within it. Select their permission level. How do I share a link to or embed a recording? You can link to a recording in numerous ways in Moodle, either by adding a URL resource, or inserting a hyperlink into a page or label.

It is important to note that sending a link directly or embedding the code like this does not automatically give permission to view the recording. The permissions are still managed at folder or recording level. If I sent a link to a colleague and they have not been given viewing or creator rights to the recording, then they will see an error message. How do I share a link to a folder?

It is important to note that sharing a link directly does not automatically give permission to view the recording. If I sent a link to a colleague and they have not been given viewing or creator rights to the folder, then they will see an error message. Similarly, if you paste the link into the Moodle page AND the folder is not linked with the students on your unit, then they will not be able to view it. How do I embed a responsive video in Moodle?

To embed a video from Re:View to Moodle is possible using a slight change to the standard Re:View embed code. This video explains how to do it.

You will also need some of the information from this FAQ which is located below the video. This is a link to the new code which you need as demonstrated in the video. The screenshots below highlight the section of the code that need editing. Copy part of the code generated in Re:View highlighted in yellow to paste into the new code replacing the text highlighted in blue. How do I share a link to a recording with an external viewer e.

You are able to share individual recordings with people outside of the University of Bath by inviting them using their email addresses. Ensure that you have the appropriate permissions from persons featured in the recording to share it externally. Contact the Audio Visual support team for further advice. There is information about how to do this on the Panopto help pages.

How do I move a recording from My Folder to another folder? This video demonstrates how to move a recording from your personal folder to another folder that you have creator access to.

How do I copy or move a recording? We generally advise against copying recordings because it is difficult to manage multiple recordings of the same file, particularly for lecture recordings. For multiple cohorts we recommend sharing recordings.

You must have creator rights to the folder you wish to move the recording to. To do this navigate to the chosen recording, hover over it and click on the top left hand corner to tick it. Options will now appear to copy or move the recording. Click either one of these. Copies These are copies that are unlinked from the original recording. If you edit a copy, then the original will remain unedited. Reference copies These are copies that are linked to the original recording.

If you edit a reference copy, then the original will edited too. Although it is not recommended to make multiple copies of recordings on the system staff are encouraged to move recordings to make them available to students , there are times when it is appropriate to make copies.

In most cases, a reference copy will be the most appropriate. Full guidance about reference copies on the Panopto support pages. Where do I upload pre-recorded content to?

For the academic year it is recommended that you should upload content to the folder linked to your Moodle unit. How do I create a new folder within an existing folder? How do I change the availability of a recording e. Turn on and off the availability and choose appropriate times for your recording to be available.

My recorded Zoom session hasn’t arrived in Re:View. Due to the demand on the Re:View service, some recordings may take longer to process than usual. During week 2 there were Europe-wide issues with the Panopto service which meant some recordings were not automatically transferred to Panopto. If you have a missing recording, please follow the steps in the video below to move it from the Zoom cloud to Panopto.

Recordings stored in the Zoom cloud will be deleted automatically after 30 days! How can I use tags to organise and search for videos? You can add tags to a video in Re:View as long as you have creator access to it. Adding a tag is a useful way to help viewers browse and search for videos as it will show them similar content. As a viewer you can click on tags or add tags to the search bar to find similarly tagged videos.

Please note: Only videos that have been shared with you will appear in your tag search. Videos not shared with you will not appear as an option. Can I subscribe to videos? You can subscribe to specific creators, folders or tags in Re:View. This allows you to curate the content you want to view and stores these videos in one folder.

Please note: Only videos that have been shared with you will appear as subscriptions. There is a long list of names associated with the Moodle-linked folder. How do I delete them? If there is a list of names under the sharing permissions for your Moodle-linked folder, this is likely to be because the folder is historic and the names have not been cleared prior to the start of each academic year.

There is currently no automatic process for removing these permissions. To manually remove the permissions, first navigate to the Moodle-linked folder and click on the sharing icon in the top right-hand corner of the screen.

This will open up a box with both group and individual permissions for the Moodle-linked folder. Note that the extra permissions are highlighted in yellow on the screenshot below. After removing extra permissions, you should be left with three groups of users: Creators, Publishers, and Viewers. The Re:View Recorder on desktop. Personal capture can be made using the Panopto Recorder. Or alternatively, you may pose a number of questions in the lecture based on the content of the recording.

More information is available from the Panopto help pages about the desktop recorder for Windows. More information is available from the Panopto help pages about the desktop recorder for Macs. Installing the desktop recorder on my campus computer. The desktop software for PC and MAC is both available for installation on your computer workstation from the software centre, or for download onto your own personal devices.

If you are on campus, and would like the software installed on your desktop computer, you can do so yourself by searching for the Panopto Recorder in the software centre. If you have any trouble locating the software, please contact Computing Services, by raising a support ticket. Installing the desktop recorder on my home computer.

Sign in to Re:View. Follow the installation instructions for Windows or Mac. How do I record in a GTA room? The main technical difference to note is how you record sessions in the GTA rooms this year, if required. Indeed, firstly, think about what needs to be recorded, if at all. What are students going to gain from the recording?

If you decide not to record IPL time, we would recommend discussing this with your students so that they are informed, and understand the reasoning behind your decision. If you are asking a question of the group, please ensure it is spoken into the in-room microphone. If a student asks a question, you may need to repeat it into the microphone so that it can be heard on the recording.

Similarly, answers to questions may need to be repeated into the microphone. This is especially important if you will be using this recording separately with remote students. How do I record directly into the Panopto desktop recorder? It is possible to record a video and include PowerPoint directly into Re:View using the Panopto desktop recorder.

Detailed guidance for Windows is available from the Panopto help pages. Detailed guidance for Macs is available from the Panopto help pages. It is important that you create the new recording in the correct folder. Use the dropdown menu to navigate to the folder for where you want to save the recording. If you do not change the destination folder at this stage then it will be saved into your personal folder and only you will have access to it.

You may wish to do this and move the recording later if it is a practise or first attempt. However, if you wish to record directly into a course folder then you can change the desination folder. At this stage it is also possible to rename the recording.

If you do not do it at this stage then the recording will be named with the date and time, e. What are the recommended settings for recording with the Panopto Desktop Recorder? For more information about video recording settings please see the information on the Panopto site.


How do I narrate a movie with Windows Movie Maker? » Images » Windows » Tech Ease


Zoom users may need to change their display name occasionally. The good news is that the video conferencing software offers an easy way to do this, both before and during a meeting. There are several reasons why a user might want to change their Zoom display name. One scenario could be when a Zoom account is being used by more than one user, for example, a child using a parent’s account for an online class.

In cases like this, changing a user name helps to avoid any confusion for the meeting host. Another reason why a user might want to change their Zoom user name is because of a mandate in a meeting.

Some business meetings require a person’s designation or organization to be mentioned along with their user name. In these cases, a user can choose to modify their name or add details for a particular meeting and change it back after.

To change a Zoom user name before a meeting via the website, first sign in to Zoom. After this, click on the profile icon in the top right corner of the page.

From here, click on ‘Edit’ next to the user name. Users can edit the fields for first name and last name, as well as enter their preferred pronouns, job title, organization, and more. After making changes, click on ‘Save’ to update the information. On the Zoom desktop app , users can click on their initials at the top right corner, then Settings and Profile.

Clicking on ‘Edit my profile’ will redirect users to the Zoom website, where they will need to sign in and follow the steps above to modify their name. To change a Zoom display name on iOS or Android before a meeting, open the app and then go to Settings at the bottom right corner.

Click on the profile information at the top and then tap on ‘Display Name’. The problem developed when I installed an upgrade to zoom and it logged me out without my knowledge.

Using your advice I log back in and everything is back to normal. Thank you. How can I fix this please? Thanks for replying to this person. From there, I can change my display name? And I shouldn’t join a Zoom through the link sent to me? My display name in my profile is correct. I have googled several times before for an answer to this problem. I do NOT use it to enter the meeting.

In this example above, it would be I can then change my name for the meeting upon entering. As is evident in this posting as well as many others within Zoom forums and others sites , this is a common experience. And a frustrating one for users – for me, at least. That is not encouraging. I agree with this point. A user base may just need to be “squeakier” wheels! Zoom Community. Supporting a Hybrid-friendly Work Environment Explore products and tools for seamless collaboration across office and home working spaces.

Download Zoom Client Keep your Zoom client up to date to access the latest features. Download Center. Zoom Virtual Backgrounds Download hi-res images and animations to elevate your next Zoom meeting. Browse Backgrounds. Register Now. Turn on suggestions. Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search results by suggesting possible matches as you type.

Showing results for. Search instead for. Did you mean:. Zoom Products Meetings Re: Display name. Display name. Go to solution. Hello, My display name in my settings is different from my name that appears upon entering a meeting. Ohkawa Participant. In response to SurfWriter. All forum topics Previous Topic Next Topic.

Hi,palex71 I suggest you sign in to the Zoom website and change your profile. In response to Ohkawa. SurfWriter Observer. This didn’t work for me.


For semester 2, the automated Lecture Recording Scheduler will once again be mean that the University must make some changes to how data is stored and. The intent of most people setting up kiosk mode is to prevent the user from You can customize the icon and name for each shortcut as well as the zoom. Specifications subject to change without notice. Visit to view the certificate. Quickly Zooming Multiple Waveforms.


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